Photo Albums

I’m not that girl who is super thorough in uploading photo albums on Facebook. Although I love scrolling through pictures on social media as much as the next millennial, I’ve never been one to document my own life that way. Instead, I’ve kept a photo album– a scrapbook– of every year since I turned 16 years old.

Each year I would use my birthday money to buy a new scrapbook, and each new scrap book would begin with a “birthday page” followed by my birthday month, October, and then move on throughout the year until my next birthday and new book.


After I finished my 5th year, I decided to call it quits for a number of reasons: scrapbooking is an expensive hobby, being a full time student doesn’t leave you much free time to scrap book, and I decided the New Year was the ultimate time to dedicate myself to becoming a Facebook album type person–after all, maybe it’s time.


It wasn’t until I told my boyfriend, Slade, of my newest decision that I remembered why I started these books in the first place, why they are so special, and why I shouldn’t quit. You see, after debating back and forth and attempting to convince Slade of all the reasons I should probably just stop these books altogether, he convinced me otherwise.

“If you’re future daughter is anything like you, she’s going to absolutely love looking through all of your scrapbooks.”

Ironically, the entire reason I began scrap booking when I turned 16 was because my mom had a scrapbook from when my brother and I were young. I think I might have looked through that photo album over 100 times (even into my teenage years), admiring each photo placement, sticker, and captured memory on the pretty paper chosen specially for each event.

That book was more marvelous than any online photo album I’d ever seen, and I always thought of how remarkable it would be to show my future kids something I had crafted. So (without knowing exactly what I was getting into), at 16 I promised to put together one book each year. Then, when I had children, I would redirect my focus to their years instead of mine.

I began scrapbooking before I had ever met Slade. He didn’t know it, but the reason he encouraged me to continue just so happened to be the same reason I began in the first place–I was the daughter that loved to look through her mother’s scrapbook, and Slade thought one day I would be the mother with a scrapbook, and it would be my daughter who would love to look at them.

So here I am, beginning my sixth scrapbook. Money, time, and convenience aside, I really do believe that these books will hold so much more value and meaning (to my future family and myself) than the millions of photo albums you see on Facebook every day.


And even though after only five years I wanted to throw in the towel, scrapbooking is absolutely a DIY idea I would recommend. After all, I do love the memories my five books hold thus far.


And with all of that being said, I guess I should still try and post more online Facebook albums in the mean time. I’m not promising anything, but we’ll see how it goes!


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