25 Years | 25 Things

I’m not completely convinced that my generation and the ones to follow will ever know love the way that our parents, grandparents (and all of those before us) know love. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a different thing. The relationships formed before my generation grew in a way that I will never know, and there is so much to learn from that.

Think about it. When we meet a person out at a party, bar, or even just in passing that we find intriguing–what is the first thing most of us do? Stalk them on social media, of course! And what about if a friend wants to set us up with someone? Our very first thought is most always, “Do you have them on Facebook? Can I see them?” I mean, there will never be such a thing as a first date that genuinely holds the purpose of getting to know someone. In most case scenarios, everything we initially want to know about a person can be found on the internet: their ex, their family, their hobbies, their friends, their beliefs, their accomplishments, their political position, etc. And yes, I realize that not every inner thought and emotion can be found online, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that our generation has been totally robbed of so many motions that used to make getting to know someone that much more beautiful.

And can you imagine even having a first date (and not Netflix and chill) without the power of technology? What if we met a person and wanted to get to know them more? We literally would have to pray that we would somehow run into them again. There used to not be the thought, “I’m just going to find her on Facebook and send her a message.” Men, say you realized you wanted to take the cute girl you met last weekend out on a date. You literally would have to –somehow, someway– figure out how to go and find her again. And to top it off, can you picture rejection face to face, without the protection of a computer screen? I’m sure our parents and grandparents could tell us horror stories.

In my opinion, when you take out social media from a relationship it can become so much better. Without social media, there is no wondering, “Who is that girl that liked my boyfriend’s picture?” or “Who is that guy that keeps Snapchatting my girlfriend?” And that false sense of security or acceptance people get when they reach over 100 likes on a cute picture with their significant other; you know, what some people literally get a high off of? Well, that’s eliminated. Oh, and without technology, you can’t post pretty words to partner those photos on Facebook to create a facade that your relationship is much healthier, better, and more fun than it actually is behind closed doors–as if people thinking your relationship is better than it really is makes problems vanish. And as sad as that sounds, there are some couples that truly do just that! Not all couples, but some really do.

So when you sit back and think about it all, our parents’ and grandparents’ love is a fountain of knowledge; and for even more reasons than the fact that they fell in love without social media. And I, for one, do not think this is something that should be taken for granted. That fountain won’t be flowing forever, you know!

So, with all of that being said, this post isn’t about what I think about relationships these days. Instead, this is a DIY post about what I did in celebration of my Mom and Dad’s 25th Year Anniversary to shed light on all I’ve learned from their fountain.

You see, my Mom and Dad’s relationship is (and always has been) the relationship I look up to most in the world. I never really grew out of that little girl mindset that her parent’s are the greatest thing on the planet. I have truly gained so much knowledge from watching and experiencing my parent’s love all of these years, so I wanted to do something that would showcase just that.

I’ve learned everything from lyrics to songs that put me in the proud minority of sing-alongs at college tailgates and parties, to how to stand strong in love through the toughest of things that life throws at you. I’ve learned that everything can be talked through; you know, I’ve never even heard my parents raise their voices at each other. I’ve learned the jeep wave, how to push-mow the yard, and to not take life so seriously all the time. Among so many things, I’ve learned that love bears all things. I’ll be lucky if I have a marriage as great as my parents has been. So here’s to you, Mom and Dad! Happy 25th, and I love you so much.

This would be such a great DIY for any anniversary present, so I thought I’d share it on here!

What You’ll Need:

  • Two pieces of wood
  • One heart-shaped piece of wood
  • Greenery
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Brown and black paint pens

*I bought all of my supplies from JoAnns. They have everything, I swear (including a student discount).

After you’ve got your supplies, the rest is pretty self explanatory!

Step One: Write on the wood.
Obviously, you’ll make your writing your own. But here’s the 25 things I’ve learned from my parent’s 25 years!

1) Love bears all things.
2) Money will never buy happiness.
3) Always keep a dog around.
4) Pray continually.
5) Annoying my husband is going to be fun.
6) Talk through everything.
7) You never need to raise your voice.
8) God ALWAYS has a plan.
9) “This too shall pass.”
10) Hard work builds character.
11) Girls can (& will) mow the yard, too.
12) Don’t sweat the small stuff.
13) Laugh at yourself.
14) Sunshine is good for more than tan skin.
15) “You don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’.”
16) Jeeps are the coolest cars.
17) Love is patient.
18) Make sacrifices for the ones you love.
19) Put others first.
20) Rules are for other people.
21) Don’t be so serious all the time.
22) Take chances.
23) Love your family despite anything at all.
24) Life is tough, but so am I.
25) True love will last forever!

Step Two: Put Greenery On Heart.
I used the hot-glue gun to glue on broken pieces of the greenery to the backside of the heart. You could use more or less than I did! Just whatever you think looks best.


Step Three: Hang It Up!
Again, super easy and self explanatory. There isn’t much to this craft! What makes it special is what it would mean to someone; so make it your own! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just unique to its recipient.


And that’s all there is to it! A super easy DIY that each can make their own!


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