The Golden Egg

Yes, I realize that this blog post is about a week late; but if I am being completely honest, it took me this long to finally process all that has happened since Easter Sunday. That being said, if you missed it, I am engaged! And since people are still asking me the story of how Slade proposed (and no, I’m not at all tired of telling it), I thought it would be a great idea to post it right here. Plus, I think I reserve the right to brag just a little bit via social media–just this one time.

Like I said before, this all took place on Easter Sunday, which for many reasons is one of my favorite holidays. Obviously, the reason we celebrate Easter is phenomenal. As Christians, we celebrate this day because it was then that Jesus defeated death. Mere words do not do that phenomenon justice, but when we celebrate Easter each year, and we’re gathered, worshiping and praising and reflecting on the beauty of that story–you don’t need words. You can feel its sensation. And each year I am touched more and more by that.

After church each Easter always comes a big lunch/get-together with my family. If you know me at all, you know how high my family ranks up on my priority list. Even further, if you know my family, you know why; they kind of rock. Any time we are all able to get together is special to me, and Easter is no exception. Easter is, however, the one time of year we have the serious competition of a Easter-Egg Hunt.

This year’s hunt was going to be good, I just knew it. I hadn’t had a good win since I could remember, and 4 cousins were missing this year. Missing cousins meant less competition for the least athletic of them all, me; and yes the Easter-Egg Hunt requires athleticism. Now looking back, I’m totally wishing that those missing cousins had been there to celebrate. Plus, they would have been in on the engagement like the others, who knew to let me find The Golden Egg this year.


So yes, that is how the story goes. When my Aunt Angie declared, “On your mark, get set, GO!” everyone knew to let me find The Golden Egg.

Everything was absolutely normal. No one was acting weird. Everyone was in the zone as usual; not because they are good actors or anything, but because there was still money up for grabs.

It was usual that my cousin Callie and I planned to team up together. You know, divide and conquer the hunt and trade off candy at the end. But like I said, there was still money up for grabs–and that part was still a competition. There is no divide and conquer when it comes to Easter-Egg Hunt money, which was why it was weird when she tried to help me towards the end of the hunt.

When pretty much all of the eggs had been snatched up into baskets, Callie was screaming, “Bailie, we’ve got to check this side of the house, come on!” So I started thinking, “Why are you helping me? This is a competition!” But I obliviously kept on. Which, by the way, if you ask Slade if he was nervous he will tell you “yes” only for one reason, and that reason being this reason. His one fear was that I couldn’t find The Golden Egg planted in such clear, plain sight.

He knows me so well.

I kept on running past the big, giant, obvious Golden Egg about 4 or 5 times. There is no wonder I never get much money in this game…

I mean, I’d like to say that I found it all by myself, but Slade’s dad and my soon to be father-in-law had to tell me exactly where it was. But still, oblivious to what was going on, I was absolutely stoked when I “found” The Golden Egg sitting right on top of the garden hose. I thought, “Finally, I’m going to win the Easter-Egg Hunt!” And with a quick fist bump to Slade in celebration, he knew I had no clue what was about to happen.


I opened The Golden Egg, just to find two more eggs inside. Inside the third egg was the most beautiful and precious diamond ring ever. When I gasped and turned around, Slade was down on one knee, in front of so many loved ones, asking me to marry him. I am completely undeserving!


It. Was. Perfect. (And please note my two uncles in the background!)


As you can see, I was as giddy and joyful as a little girl who just won the Easter-Egg Hunt.

After Slade proposed and my family circled up in prayer, it was my Dad’s words that made me see how special the date of this event. My Dad prayed that Easter has always made him think of freshness and new beginnings, because it was on that day that Jesus rose from the dead. Then he prayed for blessings as the two of us begin this fresh new beginning of a chapter in our lives.

And I will say, if this next chapter is as good as the one we just closed it will be nothing short of amazing. I already warned, I do reserve the right to brag a little bit, and it will be done effortlessly.

Before Slade and I met, our relationship had only existed in my prayers. What we now have is everything I have always dreamt of. We fell in love in the most genuine, perfect way–slowly, and then all at once.

We took our sweet, sweet time in getting to know each other as friends which built a foundation solid enough to endure anything that came our way in dating one another. Getting to know someone before officially dating shouldn’t be rushed at all, rather enjoyed for what it is in the big scheme of things; a season in your relationship that you’ll never get back again. While I love where Slade and I are now, it would be so fun to relive the precious moments we spent just learning what makes us who we are.

Then came the next season of our story. When we finally did begin dating, Slade never once stopped pursuing me as if I was already his for the keeping. I say that, and we’ve only been engaged for a week, but I hope this never changes! Being treated the way that Slade treated me daily during the time we were boyfriend and girlfriend lifted me up, built me up, and reminded me of how much I am worth daily. I only hope that I make him feel the same way! Each up and down we had and endured together was perfect and purposeful; all apart of God’s grand design. It became so evidently clear to me that Slade is the man God wants me to grow in life and love with for the rest of my life. Basically, he rocks just like my family does. Which, lucky for me, now he will be family.

I am certainly so excited for this new season of our life as being engaged and plan to cherish it for what it is; something we never will get back again. My heart has been warmed over a thousand times by all of the congratulations and supporting words from everyone! I believe it is safe to say that couldn’t have been more happy with finding The Golden Egg.


2 thoughts on “The Golden Egg

  1. Bailie,

    Wow!! I have always loved your writing, but this is amazing. I’m in shock. It felt like I was there in the moment all over again. I’m soo glad you decided to create a blog and write about things like this. I will always be able to go back and look at this piece and remember how nervous I actually was ( I was freaking out all morning). Haha, it was the best nervous feeling I’ve ever had in my life.
    You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m extremely proud to brag that I’m marrying the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life!

    You kinda rock as well…

    Now, I propose my wedding hashtag, we’ll let the audience decide…. #BailieGotSlade

    I ❤️ U 🙂


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