Bridesmaid-Box Proposal

The fact that mine and Slade’s wedding date is less than a year away (354 days…but who’s counting?) is incredibly hard to believe and so exciting. Since our engagement, we’ve already covered a lot of ground when it comes to wedding planning — but the whole process just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I knew I couldn’t go another day without asking my girls to stand by my side! So here’s how I did it.


A bridesmaid-box proposal (obviously Pinterest inspired) has been the most fun part of planning a wedding so far. They were tedious to make eight times over, but overall a super fun project to do. Plus, it was so great getting to see my friends and family unexpectedly get their sparkly champagne bottle and box.

What You’ll Need (Exterior)IMG_0571

  • Boxes
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge

Step One: Paint and seal.
Pretty self explanatory here! You’ll need to paint the boxes and seal them with the Mod Podge.


I left the top unfinished so that I could use the Mod Podge to glue decorative scrapbook paper to it. That part was super easy; just trace, cut, and place.

What You’ll Need (Interior)

  • Card stock
  • Rings for each bridesmaid
  • Photos for each bridesmaid (one old, one present)
  • Glitter
  • Paper for stuffing
  • Champagne bottles
  • Close pins
  • Paper tags
  • String
  • Scrapbook paper

Step Two: From this, to this, and now this!
I already said that I put the decorative scrapbook paper inside the top, but going further I used the close pins and photos to finish it up! I printed an old picture of me and each bridesmaid, and then a more recent one. I used the close pins to hang them and say “From this…To this…” and then used the card stock to say “And now this”–a letter unique to each girl asking them to be my bridesmaid.


Step Three: Box the rings.
I bought little “knot” rings for each of my bridesmaids to creatively ask, “Help me tie the knot?” — You can get these off of Etsy, which I did, but I also got one Kate Spade ring for my Kate Spade loving Maid of Honor. I used the paper tags and string to wrap them.


Step Four: Sparkle the champagne. 
I thought this was going to be a long, messy process but it ended up being one of the easiest! I just painted Mod Podge onto the bottles and poured the glitter onto them. Simple enough!

Step Five: The details.
For their convenience, I wanted to make sure my bridesmaids could go ahead and have all of the dates, times, and locations of things that had already been planned, so this was my way of doing it! I just used the scrapbook paper and a close pin to hold them all together.


Step Six: Put it all together.
After I had everything made, I filled the boxes with the paper stuffing and put everything in!


And that’s all there is to it! Now I’ve got 8 perfect bridesmaids and I couldn’t be more excited to share this experience with them. They are pretty much the coolest girls I’ve ever known!

Callie and Kaycee Heitzman & Ashtin Faulkner: My memory doesn’t go back far enough to remember life without them. These girls are quite possibly the best cousins anyone could ever ask for. Even if they weren’t family, I would absolutely still choose them as friends!

Hannah O’Neal, Hannah Dephillips & Merritt Powell: My three closest friends from high school. I honestly have no idea why I was so blessed to have these three put in my life! Each of them are so entirely different yet fit together perfectly and have made for quite the support system.

Jordan Cofer & Kaley Deichstetter: As cliché as it may be, these two are my big and little sisters in my sorority–but can more accurately be described as two of the best friends to come out of my college experience. I never would have thought it to be possible to form this genuine of friendships in just two and three short years.


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