First Home DIY: Take One

If you didn’t catch my last post, Slade and I bought a house! It’s a newly constructed home, and as if luck wasn’t already on our side, we just got word it will be move in ready before scheduled time — which as you probably know, never happens. We are so excited! We are also so broke, meaning we’re decorating, furnishing, and moving on a budget (side note: if you’re a good friend and want to help us move in about four weeks – we pay in pizza). Needless to say, it’s DIY time!

My first project was a chest that my mom bought for $5 at a garage sale probably a little over 10 years ago. It’s been sitting in my closet since my senior year of high school, and before that it lived in my dad’s closet. A little broken and bruised? Absolutely. All it really needed, though, was a little TLC.


First order of business was to clean it up. I decided I only wanted to keep the top drawer and use the bottom section for open storage; so I sawed, hammered, pulled and pushed until I got the frame the way I wanted it (you know, real handyman stuff). Then I cleaned it up even more with Pledge to get it paint ready.


Next up was a trip to Home Depot! I got some white (with a tint of cream) semi-gloss paint for the bottom half, deep brown high-gloss for the top, and a piece of wood cut to fit and complete the bottom half of the bottomless chest. Once my piece of wood was in and secure, I painted away!


To wrap up, I used the same knobs from the old piece to save money; they actually complement the new look perfectly! I put it all together and let it dry overnight.


The next day I went to the always-fabulous TJ Maxx and got some baskets to fit into the bottom shelf. Then, voila! A brand new piece for our first home! Cast me, HGTV!



One thought on “First Home DIY: Take One

  1. Great job!!! You will tackle anything just like your mom. Sooo happy for you & Slade. Can’t wait to see your house. Love you both❤️😍🍷🐣 Isn’t that chicken cute???? Just like you both. Your Nana forever


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