First Home DIY: Take Two

Another furniture makeover is in the books! I am learning so quickly how much both work goes into and reward comes out of these types of projects. After four days worth of dedication, I finally have a second finished piece for our first home!

My future in-laws found this one at the Nashville flea market last summer (I just love that place). It was a total steal and worked great in Slade’s apartment for the past eight months. Now that he’s all moved out, I had the chance to give the dresser a little love so that it would fit the master-bedroom-image that lives in my head. I’ve gotta say, I’m thinking it turned out pretty great!

Here was the starting point:


When I began, I decided to experiment with chalk paint for the first time (I’m a little late to the game, I know). In the past I’ve just been skeptical of chalk paint, but now I totally recommend it. I used Valspar Chalky Paint from Lowe’s and it applied just like any other paint but dried even quicker.

Once I had the first several coats applied, I wanted to bring some new knobs in the picture. The ones I chose at Hobby Lobby were much different than the hardware already in place, which led me to my first ever experience with carpenter’s wood filler (a definite learning curve). If you ever decide to go that route, give yourself an entire day for the process: filling all the old drill holes (32 in my case) and cracks, letting them dry, sanding them down, repainting, and scrubbing the remains off of your fingers.



After an entire day spent with carpenter’s wood filler, I used a drill to install the new knobs. This was supposed to be the last step of the job, but after taking a good look at where the dresser was in progress, I knew I wasn’t quite finished.


I decided to mix the leftover white and brown paint I used from my last project to finish the bordering with a light brown color (saving money!). Then, to bring in a little elegance, I ordered a .25″ sheet of glass to top it all off (not saving money, oops!).


Finally, the second take at our first home DIY was complete! Ta-da!


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