Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

Comfort foods are constantly tempting me away from the Paleo guidelines – I mean, it’s an everyday battle for me. Lately I’ve been trying to find recipes that are easy to make and will quench my comfort food craves. So without further ado, people… I present to you, my very own Paleo Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes!

All you need: 
Sweet Potatoes
½  tbsp of Ground Cinnamon per potato
¼ cup of All-Natural Honey per potato
½ tbsp of Butter per potato (not Paleo, but I’ll give in!)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Aluminum foil

And all you do: 
Step 1: Preheat oven to 400°F. Wrap potatoes in aluminum foil and place in oven. Cook for 50 minutes to an hour or until soft.

Step 2: Carefully unwrap potatoes from aluminum foil and let cool for ten minutes (or until cool enough to touch. Cut potatoes in half (long ways), scoop insides from skin and put into mixing bowl. Set aside remaining skin in pan.

Step 3: Mix in all ingredients. Refill potato skins with new potato mix.

Smelling like a Nala-girl approved dish!

Step 4: Place back in oven for 15-20 more minutes.

Step 5: Let them cool, then enjoy it! 

*The top reason to eat these guys? They taste incredible, obviously… But here’s the remaining 9 of ten reasons to consume sweet potatoes. Food is fuel, people! And it’s a good thing this fuel is YUM. 


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