Hawaii Honeymoonin’

The morning after we got married (has it really already been 3 weeks?!), Slade and I were Hawaii-bound! We spent a solid two and a half days in Honolulu to kick off our honeymoon, and I did love this city! Honolulu is definitely just that though, a city; not the same island feel we got when we went to Maui. However, we did manage some really great islandesque things while we were there and ate at some great local restaurants! If anyone we knew were to make the trip, here’s what we’d totally recommend out of everything we did:

After nine hours of airports, flights, a car rental (if you know me, you know my only request in Hawaii was a JEEP!), and checking in to our hotel, we ate at Tiki’s Grill & Bar. Two Piña Coladas, yes please. Between the two of our orders, the best was my plate: their Sizzling “Roll Your Own” Lettuce Wraps. If you’re there, sit out on the patio overlooking the coast and treat yo’ self.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay was so colorful. I loved it! Although, we didn’t stay too long… After we took a break from snorkeling we discovered something pretty heart-crushing. That being said, if you’re ever there, in addition to all the creatures you should also be on the lookout for a men’s gold wedding band; if you find one, it may or may not be Slade’s.

760 feet above sea level and 560 feet from the crater floor, Mount Leahi’s Diamond Head Trail is a must. A super easy .8 mile long climb to the summit gives you a much more rewarding view than you’d expect for less than a mile.



Monoa Falls, found in the Monoa Valley Rain Forest, is another easy hike with a beautiful 150 foot waterfall at the top. Go there! Don’t go on the hidden trail that veers off of it. Actually, don’t go anywhere that causes a local kid to look at you and laugh when he overhears where you’re planning to go. They’re probably laughing for a reason.

With Slade’s new Walmart wedding band in hand (err, on his ring finger), we went wheels up towards Maui. We spent a beautiful 7 days on the island soaking up the sunshine. Out of all the things we did, here’s what you’ve got to check out if you’re ever there:

Practically off of a ‘find your beach’ commercial, Makenna Big Beach was the best beach we visited. Just like you’d imagine for a tropical beach, there were very few people (mostly locals), no hotels, condos, or buildings in sight – just greenery, sand, and the waves. Oh, and speaking of the waves, apparently this beach has the most dangerous *ahh-hmm fun* waves on the island. Our only regret was not bringing a boogie-board.


All the way up Mount Haleakala (I mean it, it took us close to an hour to drive to the top) was the trail head for Halemau’u Trail. This 11.2 mile hike is worth every step. The first 8.5 miles are nothing but a down-hill breeze, but that home stretch was challenging both physically and mentally. Coming from someone who thought jumping out of a plane was fun, hiking up the side of this mountain on winding trails gave me some serious dizziness and anxiety. Thank The Lord for my calming husband (HUSBAND – that’s weird to say!).



Breakfast at the Kihei Caffe (right next to where we rented our surf boards on Kihei Beach – another must) was yummmmm-MY. The omelet I got would have easily been more than enough for Slade and I both – so if you’re there and want some amazing breakfast food, go! This hole-in-the-wall vibin’ place was great, its prices were also great, and you can definitely split a meal. We’re talking huge portion sizes, here.

Lastly, you’ve got to enjoy a Luau while you’re there – or on any island, I guess! We loved ours and got to meet so many other honeymooners and families. And of course, the food was incredible.

So what’d we miss?! We are definitely going to try and make it back again in the future. Also, below is a video highlighting all of the fun things we did on our trip. Overall, the honeymoon was an absolute dream!

Footage filmed on GoPro Hero 5 Black / Song: Another Day in Paradise – Quinn XCII

Oh, and do you know what else was an absolute dream? Our wedding day was hands down, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most beautiful, heart-warming, happy-tear-filled, joyful day of our entire lives. We felt more love than we had ever experienced before in our entire lives on June 10th, 2017!

*Stay tuned for my next post filled with our wedding photos and video! 


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