Our Wedding Day | The Best Day Ever

On our way out of town this weekend, Slade and I got the email we’ve been waiting for – our wedding photos were ready!! We spent our 6 hour drive anxiously trying to load all 1,452 photos from the best day of our lives. There are so many and we are so excited to share! Our photographer, Carla Lynn, has such a gift; her work is phenomenal and you’ll soon understand why I couldn’t leave out very many shots in this post!

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.51.18 PM

The coolest thing about getting to see our wedding photos was reliving the day that went by so fast; we got to really take it all in through our beautiful photos.

So let’s start where you’re supposed to – the beginning.

My eight bridesmaids and I got ready at my parents house. This was so special and made for the morning to be so laid back – we stayed ahead of schedule, never felt rushed, sat outside (The Lord blessed us with the perfect wedding day weather), and had a quick dance party.

Before I lose you, I just want to shout out my bridesmaids who helped make the day so special. Thank all eight of ya for being so attentive, loving, encouraging, comforting and fun loving with me on that day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Slade and I have the best friends in the entire world.

I think the most special part of all of getting ready was that one of my very best (and most talented) friends did not only my make-up but all of my bridesmaids’ make-up. If you ever want to look fabulous, Hannah O’Neal has never failed me – from high school gatherings, proms, college nights, and now my wedding day. This girl rocks.


Getting Ready032Getting Ready0161Favs58

Getting Ready012Getting Ready027Getting Ready023Getting Ready038

My bridesmaids were the greatest – I had my girls from all seasons of life: my college besties (better known as my big and little, as cliche as that is!)…

Getting Ready073Getting Ready074

My high school best friends,

Getting Ready089Getting Ready090

And my cousin friends, the family that I’d pick anyways!

Getting Ready076Getting Ready075

I can’t say it enough – best morning ever.

1Favs57Getting Ready0021Favs61Misc.05Getting Ready042Getting Ready097Getting Ready0921Favs62

Meanwhile, the guys were getting ready at our reception venue!


Getting Ready104Getting Ready103Getting Ready124Getting Ready114Getting Ready124Getting Ready127Getting Ready142Getting Ready101Getting Ready118Getting Ready119Getting Ready134Getting Ready139Getting Ready149

After it all came together, I’m thinkin’ we cleaned up pretty nice!

Bridal Party145
Bridal Party0991Favs20Bridal Party0301Favs16Bridal Party126Bridal Party122Bridal Party0061Favs23Bridal Party109Bridal Party114Bridal Party014Bridal Party189Bridal Party027
Bridal Party095Bridal Party105
Bridal Party201

So Slade and I wanted to keep our day pretty traditional, which meant we didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle. No first look for us – thanks for waiting for us at the reception, everybody!!

However, even though we didn’t see each other before the ceremony, there was a whole lot of love, Jesus, and pre-ceremony sweetness.

First, my Mom helped me into my dress (the most beautiful piece of clothing I ever have and ever will put on) once we got to the church and I finally got to show it off to my girls.

1Favs13Baileywithmomdad07Baileywithmomdad08Baileywithmomdad02Girls Prayer_Reveal24Girls Prayer_Reveal13Girls Prayer_Reveal19Girls Prayer_Reveal10Girls Prayer_Reveal04Girls Prayer_Reveal06

And even though it wasn’t me and Slade, there was a very, very special first look that happened with me and the man I loved first.


Since we weren’t seeing each other, we decided to write wedding day letters. This was the first of many tear-jerking moments of the day for me.



The second moment that had me in (ugly) tears, was when my dad prayed over me, Slade, and our families. This was by far the sweetest prayer I’ve ever heard prayed. I know you can’t see him, but Jesus was right there – I could totally feel him.

1Favs44Family Prayer16Family Prayer18Family Prayer21Family Prayer09Family Prayer06Family Prayer13Family Prayer151Favs41

And right before the ceremony, my best girls said a prayer over me. These eight girls will never know how sweet their words were to my soul right before I walked down the aisle. I have never felt more loved than I did on this day.

1Favs67Girls Prayer_Reveal26Girls Prayer_Reveal33Girls Prayer_Reveal30Girls Prayer_Reveal35Girls Prayer_Reveal32 (1)Girls Prayer_Reveal31

And then just like that, it was finally time to see Slade. AND GET MARRIED!


Then came the family shots & our first photos as husband and wife!


Bailey&Slade28Family 06Family 03Family 01Family 05Bailey&Slade36Bailey&Slade38Bailey&Slade51Bailey&Slade29Bailey&Slade41Bailey&Slade33Bailey&Slade48Bailey&Slade47

And then we went to the most amazing party we’ve ever been to in our lives… also known as our reception!!

Everything was perfect. You all, my mom is so amazing. She worked for months on these personal touches that made the reception so detailed and catered to the two of us. And of course I had Slade’s grooms cake have our little Nala girl in it!



And our wedding coordinator hooked us up with such an amazing catering company!


After we came into the reception, we went straight into first dances. You all should know that my dad and I worked with one of our friends, Tanner, for about a month on our father-daughter dance…it was so much fun! We couldn’t have done it without Tanner or his sister, Jarren!




Then, of course, were the toasts and cake cutting!


And then, we danced the night away!


And just when the day couldn’t possibly get any sweeter, it did. Slade and I finally got to quit keeping the biggest secret when two of our very best friends got engaged!

GarterFlowerProposal04Reception407Reception408 GarterFlowerProposal10GarterFlowerProposal13


Thank you so much to absolutely everyone who played a part – big or little – in making our day just like it was out of a dream. We love you all so much!

Most importantly, a thank you is due to my two wonderful parents. 

Thank you doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. You used your hard earned dollars to give your baby girl and new son-in-law the wedding straight out of a fairytale. I will never, ever take for granted the day you all have provided for us! It was an absolute dream! You are the most selfless parents I’ve ever known. You constantly put those around you first and I’m so lucky to call you mine. Slade will tell you he’s the luckiest guy, too. He has some great new in-laws!

And just like that, WE’RE HUSBAND AND WIFE!



2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day | The Best Day Ever

  1. Beautiful wedding! May you forever love each other as you do now. Kiss each other every day and hold hands through life.


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