Apple Sliders

So the newly weds are right back in the (completely brand new) swing of things! Our first month of marriage was chaos – our work schedules never once lined up — the only time we were home together was while we were sleeping — we traveled every weekend, and I never felt completely settled into our new home (obviously with living out of a suitcase on the weekends plus packing, un-packing and re-packing my gym bag daily).

This second month has finally allowed me to create a new routine. Slade and I both have the same working hours and I’m getting used to all of the post-wedding change that, for me, came in the form of a new job, new home, new gym partnered with (a trial period of) switching to afternoon workouts, and, of course, a new name! Seriously, legally changing your name is no joke. 

All of this adjusting took a little bit of a toll on our eating habits. We both felt like we had our meals down but our snacking, on the other hand, needed some work. That’s when the idea of these apple sliders came to mind; inspired by the ever-so-trendy almond butter toast with bananas and honey.

These Apple Sliders are YUM – if I do say so myself. I love when I can trick my mind, tastebuds and stomach into thinking I’m eating some kind of carb or sweet, and these treats for sure do the trick! I feel like I’m eating some kind of cookie! AND they’re so filling!

To make them even better, along with most every Paleo recipe I follow or come up with, you can easily make these Apple Sliders in no time and they come with an easy clean-up. The only bad thing is that the Apple Sliders don’t keep very long – a half day in the fridge at best. So when you make them, plan on snacking that day; unfortunately this isn’t for a week’s worth of meal preps.

Okay, okay, enough already!

Here’s what you’ll need (featuring our awesome new cutting board, complements of my brother and sister in-law).

Apple SlidersSuper easy ingredients: apples, almond butter (we love Barney Butter), dark chocolate chips (eat your heart out with as little sugar and gluten as you want, you health freaks!), almond slices, honey (organic & raw to keep it real caveman-esque), and ground cinnamon.

Quick and easy, people:
Step 1: Slice your apples into your sliders.

Apple Sliders2

Step 2: (Almond) butter me up!

Apple Sliders3

Step 3: Add the rest! Drizzle the honey, dash the cinnamon, sprinkle the chocolate, and top with the almond slices!

And that’s all there is to it! You can keep them refrigerated, like I said, but no more than a day unless you want them soft and mushy (the flavor really sinks in, though). Eat up, everybody!

Apple Sliders8


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