Your Guide To | Fall Creek Falls State Park

Tennessee’s largest (and most visited) State Park is our latest adventure! After celebrating my 23rd birthday, Slade, myself, and two of our best friends (Nala, too!) road tripped to Cookeville for a little getaway in Fall Creek Falls State Park! The perfect birthday weekend? Absolutely.

Your Guide to

Full disclosure, people. I by no means feel qualified to write a good guide for this park after the short day and a half we spent there. When we first arrived, the teenage guy working campground check-in told me that the trail map was “pretty confusing” – I immediately thought, ‘not for me, though,’ – I was wrong. The map doesn’t look too confusing, but it was. Even right now, as I’m staring at it, I can’t tell you the names of the trails we hiked and the trails we didn’t.

Okay, so why am I writing a guide to the park then?

I’m writing to you, Fall Creek Falls hopefuls, to let you know that you don’t need a guide for this park to enjoy it. Unless you’re looking to hike the overnight 13 mile trail (which, is now on my to-do list), it’s not even slightly difficult to navigate the extraordinary views the park has to offer.

The Park Itself?
It encompasses more than 26,000 acres sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau. Filled with gorges, waterfalls and streams, it’s a definite two-thumbs up if you ask me.


The Main Attraction?
That’s the name! Fall Creek Falls, standing at 256 feet, is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States. It is beautiful, and totally worth chasing. Sorry, TLC. Other waterfalls in the park include Piney Falls, Cane Creek Falls, and Cane Creek Cascades.


The Camp Grounds?
I will say, where we stayed was pretty crowded. The last place our group camped together was Red River Gorge in Kentucky where we were completely secluded from civilization. Our campsite was ours for the taking, we couldn’t see or hear other campers, and it was incredibly spacious. Fall Creek Falls was not the same case. Although our neighbors were friendly, we were basically camping on top of them. Nala loved the ability to sneak off and make new friends, and it was nice to have working bathrooms just steps away, but we didn’t feel like we were really camping. Don’t let this stop you from coming – we had a great time! But if you’re looking to be completely one with nature at your campsite, that just won’t happen here.


The Perfect Excuse to Brag on My Friend?
Yep! Anyone who has been camping before knows that eating isn’t the easiest part about it – especially eating healthy. Luckily for me, I had a Wake & Bake Bar on hand – super food for my super self! No, really, check them out here or follow their Instagram account here. One of my greatest friends recently launched her new business, Wake and Bake Bars, to finally give the world what they’ve been missing. Order yourself some now, and then thank me later!


Fall Creek Falls, you were a real Tennessee treat! Readers, you should add this one to your bucket list.

Until the next adventure!



12 thoughts on “Your Guide To | Fall Creek Falls State Park

  1. This looks like an awesome park. I love the idea of just exploring just as much as wandering along the 13 mile trail. Although to be honest, I’d probably end up on the trail as I looove walking. 😉

    The waterfall and the suspension bridge both look really fun!


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