Five Days in The Big City

Multiple times during our marriage counseling, Slade and I heard how important it was to be intentional about our time spent together – especially since Quality Time is both of our love languages – and especially since being an adult supposedly means that life is required to pull you in a minimum of two million different directions in every passing 24 hours.

One therapist put it simply, “Shoot for one night a week, one weekend every quarter, and one week every year.” So, cheers to our quarterly (long)weekend spent visiting our friends in New York City, because 5 months of marriage flew by and the extra 2 days make up for being late on our first quarter, right?


We had the best time in the city! We ate a shameful amount of pizza and bagels and carbs and carbs and more carbs, all while knocking out all the touristy things like the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Trinity Church, and The Museum of Natural History! We experienced authentic Brooklyn-living (in the cutest apartment with a rooftop view that we have no words for), AND had the hookup with our host who let us poke around the BuzzFeed office (the PR major in me was squealing).


We drank our way through the city like locals (because we were with the best locals in the land), and we talked, walked, and window-shopped around Manhattan until we dropped. Slade even mastered the train system while I blindly followed his lead the entire time we were there!


We did a lot; Our Five Days in the Big City were just what we needed! And now that we’re back in good ol’ Tennessee, it’s time to take a breather before our next more-extended-and-semi-permanent-northern-adventure… but more to come on that later!


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