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Diets. Although they do work for some people, I’m not a fan and I don’t necessarily believe that temporary health habits are healthy at all. I say this because after a series of years that held fluctuating weight and eating habits, I finally learned that lifestyles are far more effective than wavering diets.

That realization brought me to Paleo (thank God!) – the thing I’ve slowly and consistently implemented into my lifestyle starting in December of 2014. So what is it? Basically, Paleo is the theory that we were only made to eat the things that God initially put on this Earth. To put it simply, if a caveman couldn’t eat it, then neither should you.

“That sounds so hard, though” – and, I won’t lie, it is. Thanks to the culture we’ve developed here in the great U-S-of-A, eating Paleo can be entirely too inconvenient at times which is why you’ll catch me on the outskirts of its guidelines at certain points. Hey, I’m not perfect! But I will say, I make a conscious effort every single day to follow all of the Paleo rules and regs; the better I do, the better I feel.

The best tip to eating Paleo? Stay ahead of the game; have a plan for every next meal, snack, or nibble so that you don’t let yourself slip up – shout out to all you meal-preppers out there!

Here, you’ll find my best Paleo finds & creations. I hope you enjoy them!

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