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Fresh Face Co.

About the blog? 

This little corner of the internet came to life in 2015 when my college professors stressed the importance of a writing portfolio in the world of Public Relations. As time went on the way it does, my tiny blog grew and evolved as I did and eventually, it became the blog it is today: Days by Bay, the place I can express what days look like through my eyes.

About the um, author?

Well I wouldn’t call myself an author – that’s for sure. I would call myself a lover of writing, travel, reading, creativity, and the inspiration that’s found in the midst of it all! So that’s why I’m still here in the blogging world – even after college graduation, landing a job I love (hello, Travel Industry!), and suddenly finding myself completely void of the need for a portfolio piece altogether.

Young and married is the newest chapter of my life, and if I had to pick, my very favorite. My husband and best friend is this awesome guy named Slade – and if you’re here often you’ll read his name once or twice!

I’m a red-head who is happiest in the sunshine. Nashville, TN is the home town, but my husband and I currently live in Michigan. Jesus, quiet time alone, health + wellness, my friends and my family all fill my cup until it’s overflowing – more than I’d like to say I deserve.

Hm, enough about me already. Just make yourself at home here, and hopefully you’ll like what you see!